50,000 miles /5 Year Warranty, whichever comes first

Liberty Hoepfl Garage offers a warranty covering a time period of 36 months from date of invoice or a maximum of 36 thousand miles at 100%  parts and labor; and further, prorated parts and labor for an additional period of 24 months or 14 thousand miles, whichever occurs first. (Wear items, such as brake pads, batteries*, tires* and recycled and dealer-purchased parts* are excluded from this warranty).

The repair work described on your invoice and not including any other material or labor or any other components or parts of the vehicle is warrantied to the buyer against failure caused by defects in workmanship and materials by the warrantor.  If  repairs on parts and labor purchased become necessary within the time (36 months) and mileage (36,000 miles) specified in the terms of this warranty, it will be provided without charge to the buyer, within the limits of this warranty at the warrantor’s shop.  If repairs become necessary after 36,000 miles or 36 months,  the buyer will receive a discount on repairs that will be prorated against 50,000 miles or 60 months whichever comes first.

These conditions must be met for the warranty to be effective.:

1. All scheduled and required maintenance must be performed on the vehicle for warranty to be in effect. The owner is responsible for maintaining service records of required maintenance.

2. This warranty covers parts, labor and the cost of replacing failed part and required fluids only. This warranty is only extended to the customer named. It does not cover such things such as towing, rental or rental reimbursement, loss of use. loss of earnings, personal injury, damages, per diem expenses nor any consequential or incidental damages. Warrantor’s obligation under this warranty is limited to replacing or repairing defective parts and correcting defectively furnished labor.

3. The warrantor is responsible only for the parts and labor purchased by the customer on the invoice that prompted the issuance of this warranty, and not for subsequent failures of, or damage resulting from related parts or units.

4. This warranty will be void if the vehicle is stolen, reported stolen or if the odometer is not working or the vehicle is repaired at another facility for the same repair on the invoice.

5. This warranty will be void if the vehicle is or has been abused or is damaged in an accident after repair date.

Liberty Hoepfl Garage reserves the right to refund the full price of repairs in lieu of any claim or claims under this warranty.

The warranty term stated herein applies to both written and implied warranties and is limited to the terms of this warranty.

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