Transmission Repair



Rely on our licensed professionals in Houston, Texas, for auto transmission repairs and rebuilds. Adolf Hoepfl’s Professional Transmission Services provides dependable and affordable transmission services. From transmission rebuilds and flushing to overhaul kits and diagnostic testing, our auto repairs keep your vehicle running smoothly. Contact us or visit us 2 blocks north of Sears on N. Shepherd Drive.






Cutaway of Transmission

Complete Transmission Repairs and Auto Service

We may not be the cheapest transmission builder in town, but we are fair and always stand behind our work. When we give you a written estimate, that will be the price. Because we are also an auto repair shop, unlike many transmission shops, we will be sure that your problem is an actual transmission issue and not a mechanical or electronic problem. Many times we have found that what a customer thinks is a transmission issue, turns out to be something else. We are not going to sell you transmission work when you don’t need it. Call 713 695-5071 for an appointment. We do free road tests whenever a transmission problem is suspected.

Transmission Repair on Your Budget

We will work with you depending on your needs and budget. We pride ourselves in taking care of the customer by doing the work right and offering an excellent warranty. We offer interest-free financing for those unexpected expensive repairs.

We also are a Jasper Engine and Transmission dealer.


Transmission Rebuild Included as needed:

Transmission Repairs Include:

Overhaul Kits Include:

Seals • Gaskets • Washers • Bearings • Bushings • Rings • Filters