Hybrid Vehicle Repair


Since we have begun servicing hybrid vehicles, we are very excited to announce that we have a new hybrid battery tester! Spread the word that anyone with a 2009 or older hybrid can bring in their vehicle for a hybrid battery health report. Lost fuel economy may be caused by a weak battery and those hybrids are ideal candidates for this test. Even if the vehicle is still under manufacturer’s warranty, Adolf Hoepfl Garage can help you if the hybrid is not performing to your expectations. This test is very quick and you will know in a matter of minutes the condition of the hybrid battery.

Customer Review

It was Saturday afternoon and our daughter had taken our 2007 Prius to work. When she got ready to leave work, all the dashboard lights were on. She called us and didn’t know what to do. We called Kathryn and Sybren on their cell phones and they were very gracious to help us out. Sybren asked us some questions and then determined we could drive the car to their shop down the street. He met us at the shop and after testing, determined the hybrid battery was bad. They were able to locate a replacement battery and have it shipped to Houston. As soon as they received the battery, they immediately installed it and we were once again able to drive the car. We have had no problems with the rebuilt battery.

It is a real pleasure to deal with Sybren and Kathryn. They are very caring and honest people. They have long term employees and it’s great to walk into the shop and see the same smiling faces. We have used them on many occasions and they have always done top quality work. It’s great to have a local shop that works on hybrids and is much more reasonably priced than the dealerships.

Glenda Clerc