Get 200K Miles Out Of Your Car

With proper care, you can get over 200,000 miles out of your car, which can save you thousands of dollars over its lifetime. Find out our suggestions and more for getting the maximum life from your vehicle.

Buy a safe, reliable car. Pick a car with a good track record and then have a pre-purchase inspection done by an independent automotive shop. Many times a pre-purchase inspection can help avoid a poor choice or at least offer an estimate of repairs and maintenance needed in the near future. There are no prefect used cars on the dealer’s lots and the cost of an inspection is easily recovered by using the results to negotiate a price.
Make repairs promptly. The most important thing in keeping a vehicle performing properly is to make necessary repairs promptly. Postponing needed repairs often costs more. For example, ignoring a fluid leak can lead to a low fluid level causing premature wear on expensive mechanical components or preventable breakdowns.
Do regular inspections. Problems can arise at any time and for unpredictable reasons. Whether you do it yourself or rely on your repair shop, exterior, under the hood, and under vehicle visual inspections can prevent roadside emergencies.
Follow your maintenance schedule. The vehicle owner’s manual is your first source for maintenance information. Recommended fluid changes, inspections and part replacements such as spark plugs and timing belts can be found there. Wide variations in mileage intervals are often found so good judgment should be used to determine what intervals are best for your driving habits.
Keep it clean. Get out the cleaning products periodically or have your vehicle professionally detailed. Regular cleaning inside and out can make the car a more pleasant place to be as you roll up the miles. Washing and waxing can help preserve the paint and keep the sheet metal from rusting. Vacuuming sand and dirt out of the carpet and seats can minimize wear that leads to tears and holes.
The recommendations above come from a combination of sources, including our real-world experience at Adolf Hoepfl and Son. We see vehicles over 200,000 miles everyday in our shop. The results of proper care and/or neglect become apparent which contributes to our expertise. We believe it is our professional responsibility to inspect vehicles carefully, keep records of all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs, and keep you informed. Our mission is to help you save money on the cost of vehicle ownership by performing the best maintenance and repairs possible with the most convenient and hassle-free service.