If you drive a newer vehicle with all the electronic bells and whistles, you may be surprised to find out how quickly your battery can drain and die. Fortunately, the auto repair team at Liberty Hoepfl Garage in Houston has an expert team of auto mechanics that know the best batteries to install and how frequently they need to be replaced based on your driving habits.

We often take battery power for granted. When your cell phone or other mobile devices get low on battery power, you plug it in to recharge, right? The same can be said for electric vehicles and hybrids. But for regular, gas-powered engines, you can’t plug in your battery to recharge. Plus, the technology behind car batteries have not advanced very much over the years, so it’s hard to know without many years of expertise how fast your car battery will drain if you demand too much power from it. That is why we perform a battery test to see if it is in good shape. 

Depending on your vehicle, how many devices you plug into it on a daily basis, and your driving habits, our auto mechanics may recommend a larger battery to meet the demands placed upon it. Either way, it’s smart to have the auto repair team of Liberty Hoepfl Garage to check your car’s battery to make sure you don’t get stranded somewhere. We are one of the few AAA of Texas Battery dealers. AAA batteries are made by Interstate Batteries and carry a 3 year free replacement warranty. We also carry reasonably priced AC Delco batteries which carry a lesser warranty but seem to hold up as well as the Interstate batteries.

From battery repair and oil changes to major and minor repairs, the Liberty Hoepfl Garage auto repair team is here to serve. Many happy customers in the Houston area have been visiting our shop since 1946, and we are delighted to receive great reviews like this one:

I have been getting my car serviced and repaired at Adolf Hoepfl Garage for over a year now. The service I have received is always high quality, meaning they go above and beyond. On a couple of instances when I had small repairs done, the staff gave me a ride to and from work! They also worked with me on a payment plan to pay the costs. I have always been explained to thoroughly what exactly is wrong with my car, and I completely trust the staff. I am grateful to have found this garage, and they are a dying breed.” — Randy S.

Schedule a reservation if your personal or fleet vehicles require battery testing or brand new batteries. Our friendly team encourages you to enjoy our well-appointed waiting room and family-friendly atmosphere. Liberty Hoepfl Garage is conveniently located at 4610 N. Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77018. Our business hours are from Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM and Saturday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. We look forward to seeing you soon!