60,000 Mile Service

As your vehicle ages, the need for periodic maintenance is very critical. Worn out or damaged parts can literally stop your vehicle in its tracks. At Adolf Hoepfl & Son garage, we offer comprehensive maintenance provided by certified technicians to prolong the life of your vehicle. We also offer a lifetime protection plan that is free through BG Products just by performing regular maintenance services. Our 60,000 mile service can include, but is not limited to:

*All vehicles have a differential and some have two. A differential could be part of the transmission or is part of the axle that looks like a large metal ball in the center. Its job is to make it easier for your wheels to turn corners. Think about the speed of the inner wheels versus the speed of the outer wheels when you go around the corner. If they went the same speed, the car would handle terribly. So the differential manages the different speeds of the wheels when you turn.

So imagine you cracked that metal ball open, what you would see are gears. These gears all have to be lubricated. If you didn’t turn corners, it wouldn’t wear out, but then you probably wouldn’t be driving your car either. The gear lube in the metal ball needs to be replaced on a regular basis.