I enjoyed your service and employees

Great customer service. Great people that ask questions about your car issues and listen and turn over to great techs who fix the problem. Good communication with what is wrong, what options are, what it will cost and when it will be ready. Always coffee in the morning and a great Texas gift shop and lots of community interest and involvement form the family ownership! Amazing place really.

Friendly and attentive service. They helped me by conducting a Safety inspection on my 1964 VW beetle.

I had put off taking my 2007 Nissan into the shop and once I did they were quick to let me know that I was lucky I was even able to even drive it. It needed new front axles, motor mounts, control rods, horn was broken, AC was out, front brake rotors were grinding and the both front tires was about to fall off. I knew it was going to be expensive repair but they took the time to go over everything in detail. After I approved the work, I rented a car for 2 weeks thinking it would take awhile, but they did all the work in 5 days. When I picked up the car, it rides better then brand new, plus they guarantee their work for 3 years or 36,000 miles.

Thank you Adolf Hoepfl Garage for doing a fantastic job. You have the best mechanics in town.

Like the local nature of the business.

I came in wih no appointment and everyone was so friendly and helpful ! Got an oil change and state inspection in under an hour . Super service and I would recommend them highly !

Great service replaced my 2004 Dodge Ram 4×4 3500 clutch had it completed as promised and agreed price . I would highly recommend this garage to anyone . Thank you

Great service! Always feel at home with the Vanderpools!!!

We thought we needed major, expensive repairs on our 2009 Subaru. We came to this shop for a second evaluation and to do any needed repairs. We not only learned that the other shop we had visited was not doing the maintenance they had told us they performed, but we didn’t need the major repairs after all. We were so grateful not to be over-charged and to become more aware of the routine maintenance items we DID need that were not being done properly. The employees who work at Adolf Hoepfl are THE BEST.

Excellent customer service. Very helpful and I feel they are very trustworthy and honest.