Check Engine Light


A check engine light means essentially that your car is polluting the environment. This feature is highly regulated by the government. There are 160 reasons that a car can set a check engine light. The pollution is created because the fuel to air mixture is incorrect according to the thinking of the vehicle’s computer. When the car’s computer believes there is a problem, it sets a code. Your car will not pass state inspection with a check engine light on.

Today’s vehicles, actually beginning in 1980, feature what is called an OBD (on-board diagnostic) in order to properly maintain and diagnose vehicle issues from the vehicle itself. This was necessary due to the increasingly complex electrical systems that are inside your vehicle. All of these electrical systems are monitored and controlled by an on-board computer that can actually speak to our certified technicians through equally complex comprehensive analysis equipment. Don’t let that check engine light haunt you; the longer you wait, the more damage you could be doing to your vehicle.

At Adolf Hoepfl Garage, we will read the codes for free; however there is a misperception that the computer tells the technician what’s wrong with the car. If only that were true! The scan tool provides a code, for example a PO300 which is a misfire code. There are many reasons that misfires occur and the computer does not tell you which reason. That’s the technician’s job. He has to conduct further tests and inspection. This is what we have to charge for. A normal fee for this complete automotive diagnostic service ranges from $65.00 to $180.00.