It always concerns us when we see a client that needs brakes. Perhaps more than any other system on the vehicle, brakes are the single most critical item of safety. At Adolf Hoepfl Garage, we believe in safe and reliable transportation for everyone. That is why when you have any service performed at our shop, we will check your brakes for free upon request.

Brake pads are a wear item. A driver should expect to change their front pads twice as often as their rear pads in most vehicles. That means if you replaced your front pads last year, the next time your front pads are worn, your rear pads may likely need replacing.

With our complimentary brake check, we will tell you how worn your brake pads are, the condition of your brake fluid, and anything of concern on the wheel cylinders, master cylinder, brake hardware and calipers.


Nowadays, brake pads can last as long as 100,000 miles or as short as 10,000 miles. The difference is in the quality of the pad and one’s driving habits. Just like shoes you wear, you can buy cheap pads that don’t last or buy good quality pads that may cost a little more but provide much longer service.

When driving, it’s best practice to coast to red lights and apply the brakes gently and evenly. When you do this consistently, not only will you get 1000s of miles more out of your brake pads, but you will improve your fuel economy.

Why are our brake repairs at Adolf Hoepfl Garage exceptional? We provide a NO-SQUEAK guarantee on all our brake repairs provided the customer follows our recommendations.

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