The car is key to our independence

With the 239th anniversary of our declaration of independence just upon us, it’s a fitting occasion to remind everyone about the importance of cars as keys to our independence.

In an age where there are groups actively working to eliminate the traditional fuels that run most of our automobiles, I would just like to ask one question. Where would this country be without the automobile? If we reduce automobile usage, aren’t we restricting our liberty to travel, explore, and discover?

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Cars are the most flexible, economical mode of transportation ever devised. Cars allow us to go anywhere, stop anywhere, explore anywhere with a degree of comfort that was inconceivable before the 20th century.

I just returned from a 5,000 mile road trip. We left Houston and drove through the Rockies into Wyoming, spent time in Yellowstone and several days in Montana. We came home via South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Along the way we saw the Great Sand Dunes in the Rockies, and visited family there, drove through the Grand Tetons after a snowstorm in mid June, had our breath taken away by quarter size snow flakes while Old Faithful was performing at Yellowstone, fell in love with Misoula’s Carousel, drove the Needles Highway in South Dakota and checked out Mt. Rushmore at night and George’s profile during the day and then headed to Chief Crazy Horse to be inspired by the Korczak family’s story of determination and focus.

How else can one enjoy the natural scenery of our country, experience small town America or big city America, view farmland, endless ranch lands, antelope, bears and bison, explore businesses, find local treasures, except in a car? Isn’t this a freedom we should cherish and nurture for ourselves and our children?