The Beginning of Liberty Hoepfl Garage

Original Adolf Hoepfl Garage in 1946

In 1946 when Shepherd was a dirt road and 43rd Street was the edge of the city, Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage opened for business.  The story actually begins in the early 1940’s.  Since there were not automotive training programs in Texas, Adolf had to travel to Kansas City, Missouri for training.  He was one of their top students and graduated from automotive school while earning his high school diploma at the same time.   Adolf was one of the first certified technicians in Texas, and the first Texan to purchase one of the earliest engine analyzers which is still on display in the shop.

Adolf and his wife, Lillie, built the shop themselves from cement blocks that they poured and used the pine trees that they had cut down as ceiling rafters. When they opened on January 1, 1946, their first customer was Adolf’s dad who needed work on his Dodge truck.

Adolf and Lillie had two children – Eugene and Linda.  Both worked at the shop while growing up.  Linda helped in the office while Eugene worked on cars and was the company tow truck driver.  Eugene first started pulling a wrecker at age 14.  By the time he finished high school, he was repairing automobiles and was an air-conditioning specialist. They modified the business name to Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage when Eugene entered the business full-time after high school.

We are pleased to share the rich history of Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage with you.  Of course, we have a few more stories to tell in later blogs as well.

Kathryn and Sybren Adolf Hoepfl Garage in 2018
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