Spring Cleaning & Your Automobile

Welcome to March and your Car $ense blog entry! Don’t forget to come by Liberty Hoepfl and have your shocks and struts inspected!

We hope you manage to weather the last gasp of winter well after snow-vid ripped through Houston. All will be grateful for Spring’s arrival.

In the coming months, as your thoughts turn towards spring cleaning and a refresh of your house or apartment, you should also seriously consider doing a spring clean for your vehicle! There are many benefits to a good cleaning:

  • You’ll feel better. It’s a great way to see your environment clean and refreshed. 
  • It’s healthier. When you clean the car, you’re cleaning off contaminants, such as COVID-19, and allergens, such as pollen. It’s important to remove leaves from the bottom of the windshield that can clog your evaporator and the air coming in through your A/C as well as beneficial for preserving your vehicle for the long term.
  • It tricks you into treating your car better. When you work to get your car clean or see it freshly cleaned, you may experience something akin to being a new parent. You will drive safer in a car that you value more!
  • A great time to check safety items. While attending to the detail of your vehicle, use this time to check the tire pressure of all your tires including the spare, your wiper blades for streaking, and your battery for corrosion or any science experiments.

Check out Pan the Organizer’s YouTube demonstration on how to do a thorough spring cleaning of your car!


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