Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials For Cars

Welcome to February, Houston! It’s Super Bowl time again, in just one week! What are your favorite Super Bowl commercials? We thought we’d take a look back at some of the best car commercials of the past decade!

2011: This hilarious Volkswagen Passat commercial shows a young Darth Vader devotee struggling to wield the Force, until his father lends a hand!

2012: Honda presents a Ferris Bueller homage in which Matthew Broderick takes a day off to enjoy his CR-V!

2013: In “Prom”, A father loans his son his Audi for the Prom, and the son finds out what it’s like to take a risk… and that his acorn didn’t fall too far from the tree, either.

2014: Morpheus from THE MATRIX movies shows a couple the luxurious excesses of a Kia (before breaking into an opera solo)!

2014: In “Maddie”, Chevy relates a car to a puppy in the life of a young woman. Beware, tearjerker!

2017”: This big collection of commercials includes some Easy Riders running into Peter Fonda’s Mercedes-Benz, Audi’s look at a soapbox derby and the plight of woman in the automotive industry to earn equal pay, an animated celebrity yearbook from Honda, and Melissa McCarthy trying to be the Eco Warrior the world needs!

2019 In this collection, a man has a brief glimpse of heaven with an Audi E-Tron in “Cashew”, a car crusher loses to a Jeep Gladiator, and a couple of farm hands gets into what it takes for a Super Bowl commercial to be effective at making you remember the product it advertised!

2020: In “The Heist”, Porsche’s employees get a little too enthusiastic about a stolen Porsche!

We hoped you enjoyed these… we’re looking forward to this year’s batch of car commercials on February 7th!



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