Oil Changes Both Vital & Dangerous!

Adolf Hoepfl Garage

Oil changes are the easiest job on the car and the most dangerous.  Putting the wrong oil in your vehicle can be a very costly error. Car manufacturers across the board have been shifting to a full synthetic as an oil standard.   High performance engines such as BMWs, Mercedes, Mini Coopers, and Audis moved to a full synthetic standard years ago, but now most Japanese and American models since 2013 are required to use full synthetic oil in order to maintain the manufacturer’s drivetrain warranty.

In addition, any engine that has variable valve timing (VVT) or and Turbo requires full synthetic regardless of manufacturer.

While conventional oils are much improved, the high performance engines have very tight clearances and delicate parts.  Using the improper type of oil will result in problems, sometimes almost immediately as in the case of some Audis.  Using the wrong oil in some cars will set a check engine light, or even cause drivability issues. Usually, however, pouring the improper oil into the engine reduces its lifespan and results in costly but avoidable repairs.

Very few additives are worth the investment, but there is one exception.  BG Products is actually recommended by some manufacturers in certain instances.   It is important to consult with one of our ASE certified service advisors  or technicians at Adolf Hoepfl Garage before choosing an oil or an additive.