How To Prepare For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us again. We hope you’ve had enough presence of mind to prepare for it this year. 

But many Houstoners never do prepare, and hurricane season catches them off-guard. In response, they create the worst part of a disaster: the selfish scramble for supplies that can leave your family without the things you need. We want to offer some tips on being prepared for hurricane season, for your car, and your family.  

The art of preparing your home for hurricane season is in not doing things in a panicked way. Thankfully, hurricanes don’t last months, so you don’t need a thousand bottles of water and eight years’ worth of toilet paper. Just make sure as September rolls in that you have enough surplus to make it if the store shelves start clearing by panicked people. Be aware that you might need to evacuate in the event of a terrible storm.

The same principle of not hoarding supplies in a panicked way is true of your car’s gas tank. You don’t need enough gas to start your own gas station, but you do need enough to get the family vehicle to high ground if there’s flooding. Keeping your gas tank full on each errand is a lot of work– which is why we recommend reducing your trips out by combining them and then making sure that on the way home, you stop for gas and top up. Bringing home gasoline in buckets is a good way to start a home fire.

Knowing where to drive is vital once the hurricane moves inland. Checking the Houston TranStar website will help you decide where to go and warn of obstructions and flooding when present. And should the rains flood your car, you must get out and get to safety quickly. Don’t try to drive a submerged vehicle, as you can do more damage to the engine in trying to start it. We hope you have been practicing preventive maintenance with us all along to keep your car in good shape for an emergency, but if you haven’t, now would be a good time to start.

Our August Car Clinic!

We wanted to share some images of the car clinic we held last month to teach some intrepid Houston women car repair and maintenance basics! 

We had a good crowd…

…and shared some good knowledge of how to look after your vehicle!

Thanks to everyone for coming out! If you are looking to understand more about the basics of car maintenance, please come to our next Car Clinic! We hope that hurricane season is gentle for Houston this year, but if you’d like to make sure your car is ready for emergency events, bring your vehicle to Liberty Hoepfl, your one-stop shop, and we’ll get it all taken care of for you! Be sure to schedule service with our helpful auto mechanics team for any issues that need attention. We’re located at 4610 N. Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77018. Liberty Hoepfl Garage: We Keep You Going!



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