Don’t mix up Coolant with Refrigerant!

Taking care of your car means doing different things every season. Just like you spring clean your home, now it’s time to prepare your vehicle for summer.

If you want more in depth information, this month we’re hosting a Ladies Car Clinic at our shop in the Garden Oaks/Greater Heights area on Tuesday, April 30th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Click here to download the information. The reason we hold these clinics is because we want our customers to have safe and reliable transportation and feel confident on how to handle car issues. It’s a good time of year to be outside and you can look under the hood without being uncomfortable as our summers are brutal for cars as well as people!

So, the two things we believe people should focus on this month is their engine cooling system and their air conditioning system.

Your coolant is what keeps your engine at the proper temperature and it circulates through your radiator. So we evaluate the condition of your coolant. We want to make sure that the right type is in the vehicle, that it’s the right mixture, and that it is not low. We do this every time you change your oil. However, with drivers going longer between oil change intervals, we would advise you to have your coolant checked every spring before the heat arrives.

We would also recommend having your Air Conditioning system checked. It’s very inexpensive and can prevent a more expensive repair. If your air conditioning refrigerant* is even slightly low, your vehicle will not cool properly. If you notice this symptom, bring your car or truck in and have it serviced promptly.

Running an A/C system that is not cooling properly is like turning the air conditioning on in your house with the front door wide open. You are running your system constantly and adding wear and tear. In actuality, the compressor in your car is running continuously and it’s also like running the motor without oil. I bet you didn’t even know that the A/C system has its own special lubricating oil.

This is why we post these car tips. We believe at Adolf Hoepfl Garage that you should have safe and reliable transportation. We can help you extend the life of one of your principal investments.

We can fix anything. We just choose to fix cars.

*Some people call A/C Refrigerant Freon. Freon is a brand name for R-12 that has been banned in the U.S.

By Kathryn van der Pol

Copyrighted 2013