Check Your Coolant

One of the keys to getting through a hot Houston summer is finding ways to stay cool. Your car is not any different. On a typical summer day, it is 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the passenger compartment with the doors and windows closed. It is over 250 degrees Fahrenheit under the hood. Ouch! To keep your engine cool, outside air blows through the radiator and coolant circulates through your motor and both air and coolant keep the engine from overheating. No matter what type of car you have, coolant’s normal operating temperature is 200 degrees! So, if a motor temperature rises over 250 degrees, it will have severe internal problems. Fifty degrees is not much of a margin. A motor can overheat when coolant is diluted with too much water or is low.

During the month of June, check your coolant. Make sure it’s doing its job properly. At Adolf Hoepfl Garage, we use test strips that measure the acidity (Ph) of your coolant, the reserve alkalinity, and the concentration. If your coolant is contaminated, the best treatment is to exchange the old coolant for new. This is a process where we use specialized equipment (imagine a $4000 shop vac) that sucks out the old coolant, circulates a cleanser through the system, and then replenishes the system with the proper coolant. Many shops call this a flush. We prefer the term fluid exchange.

Another way that our coolant service is exceptional is that we use filtered water. Tap water has minerals that will stick to the aluminum plates of your radiator and corrode the metal. Our customized filtering system makes sure that the water we use is devoid of minerals.

Finally, if your car has less than 75,000 miles, you are eligible for the BG Products lifetime protection plan, just for the price of exchanging your coolant. We use BG Products because they are the best in the industry and provide the greatest protection to your vehicle and they will stand by their products with a guarantee. The typical investment for a coolant exchange is between $120 to $145. Because we use BG Products, if you car has fewer than 75,000 miles, if we do a coolant fluid exchange and your radiator or water pump fail within 3Adolf’s Garage,000 miles of our work, you can be reimbursed between $1000 and $2000.

So, before the 100 degree weather arrives, check your coolant. Better yet, let us check your coolant. We do this as a complimentary service with every oil change, but if you mention this article, you can stop in and have your coolant tested for FREE.