The Beginning of Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage

In 1946 when Shepherd was a dirt road and 43rd Street was the edge of the city, Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage opened for business.  The story actually begins in the early 1940’s.  Since there were not automotive training programs in Texas, Adolf had to travel to Kansas City, Missouri for training.  He was one […]

Focusing on Blogging

Welcome to Adolf Hoepfl's blog.  We have some exciting plans for our garage and will be updating our posts regularly.  We are dedicated to sharing information with you about caring for your vehicles, ideas for saving money, and answering your questions.  Adolf Hoepfl has been in business since 1946 so we have some interesting historical notes that we will […]

Getting to know the President

Howdy do!  I’m Kathryn van der Pol, President of a full service auto repair shop named Adolf Hoepfl & Son Garage. It’s located on North Shepherd about two blocks north of Sears.  We’re a family-operated local business, providing friendly expert care to our clients. We purchased the shop in 2004 from the original family who opened […]


What is a Garage Man?

This is Article 1 of a 4 Part Series for The Leader Newspaper. 


Should I Buy My Own Parts

Recently, a major network ran a news story encouraging their viewers to buy their own auto parts and bring them to the shop for installation.  This started a dialogue with our staff and I would like to share some of our thoughts with you. A couple Sundays ago, Click 2 Houston’s Bill Spencer ran an […]

Who is a true Garageman?

For those of us who have been in this industry awhile, we have noticed that there are certain qualities that become typical characteristics of Garagemen. I want to try to describe that here. I’ve seen how these traits become engrained into a true garageman’s character. Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s the nature of cars. […]

Why the rush? City Rush to Regulate Auto Repair will Inconvenience Consumers

Houston Rushes to Bury Auto Repair Shops in Red Tape In the interest of protecting the consumer, the City of Houston is rushing to enact an ordinance to regulate the automotive repair and service industry. This would regulate every type of business that touches a car whether it’s a body shop, an independent auto repair […]

Can You Always Trust the Dealership?

Last week, we had a regular customer call us very concerned about her Asian model car. This was a 1996 vehicle with over 193,000 miles. The owner was on a limited budget. Recently, we replaced a broken timing belt and timing chain (Yes! This car has both.) The customer stated that within a few days […]