Why Are Ignition Coils So Important?

When you turn the key and all things go well, the engine starts right up. In the background a whole series of things happen to get your car started.  Your car’s brain (Electronic Control Module) directs the ignition coils to deliver power to your spark plugs. The gap in your spark plugs literally causes a spark […]

Ready for a Road Trip?

Planning a road trip for Memorial Day or summer vacation?  We have some tips for making sure your trusty car will breeze through those miles.  A little time spent on getting your car checked out can save your vacation.  Thanks to our friends at the Car Care Council for the list of items to check […]

Classic cars are Great to Look at, but be Glad We Don’t Drive Them Anymore

Common Car $ense By Kathryn & Sybren van der Pol Classic Cars are Great to Look at, but be Glad We Don’t Drive Them Anymore This past weekend was our 7th Annual Oldie & Goodie Car Show. We had over 25 cars and the public really enjoyed seeing the wide variety of cars and trucks. […]

Driverless trucks treading our highways soon

  A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not […]

Car Tip : Flood Damaged Cars

If your car flooded while it was parked, don't start it! Check the air filter first and make sure it is dry. Otherwise the air intake system will suck up water straight into your engine and lock it up. We can fix flooded vehicles and work with insurance companies. If your car is flooded, please […]

Car Tip: Check your oil no matter how often you have it changed

Check your oil level on your next refueling. Lately, we have seen some new clients whose oil level is not registering on the dipstick. Even though, they may be following the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals, they are losing oil. Why? Well, after 3,000 miles, oil is quite used up even if it’s a high […]

Check Your Air-Conditioning

Before the weather starts heating up, we recommend having your air conditioning system checked. It’s inexpensive and can prevent a more costly repair. If your air conditioning refrigerant* is even slightly low, your vehicle will not cool properly. Most vehicles hold less than 24 ounces of refrigerant.* If your vehicle is even 10% low (it […]

The miracle of A/C

I have discovered that I am a car expert by default. This is because I have been married for more than 30 years to one of the most knowledgeable automotive technicians in Texas. That’s a pretty bold claim, but I can support it by the fact that automotive dealers and customers in other parts of […]

Garbage in, Garbage out: Pricing auto repair

Garbage in, Garbage out! How do you know if your repair shop is charging a fair and honest price? Many people call around several shops trying to find the cheapest price for auto repairs. They think if it’s the cheapest price, it’s the best deal. Yet, there are many questions besides price that are important […]

Adolf Hoepfl Garage–Houston’s Alignment shop

Houston’s Alignment shop of choice? Choose Adolf Hoepfl Garage Adolf Hoepfl Garage has a state of the art alignment machine and we can check your alignment in less than ten minutes. We have been Houston’s alignment shop of choice since 1946. We can align anything from a new car to a classic T-bird and everything […]