The Great Spark Plug Confusion

There is a lot of misinformation about spark plugs on the internet. We have been looking at much of it and are amazed by how inaccurate most of it is. […]

How Bad Is It? Answers to Your Car Questions

We have a new topic for our blog – How Bad Is It?  We’re answering those tricky questions that you wonder about and don’t know who to ask.  To drive […]

Five Tips: Be Good to Your A/C so Your A/C will be Good to You

Air conditioning during Houston’s summer is a necessity for most of us, and it is one of the most expensive systems to repair.  So literally an ounce of prevention is […]

Now Entering Tire Blow-out Season

Summer is when the outside temperature is the hottest, and when motorists are driving farther, and faster, in more heavily loaded vehicles. The combination can push a neglected or injured […]

Battery Basics

With all the gadgets we have on cars today, batteries are essential to meeting those needs. More than just cranking the engine, today’s batteries provide power to other electrical components […]

Oil Changes Both Vital & Dangerous!

Oil changes are the easiest job on the car and the most dangerous.  Putting the wrong oil in your vehicle can be a very costly error. Car manufacturers across the […]

If Cars Could Speak: a Vehicle Bill of Rights

Editor’s note: This was provided to us by one of our top technicians. If cars could speak, they might yearn for their own Bill of Rights. Certainly, they were built […]

Be prepared and avoid being stranded!

In cooler months, it’s important to monitor your tire pressure, check your battery health, and check the coolant level in your radiator. Read our blog: “Batteries, Tires, and Radiators, Oh […]

Batteries, tires, and radiators–oh my!

Unless, we’re Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we don’t worry about lions, tigers, and bears, but in Houston as colder weather arrives, batteries, tires, and radiators can leave us […]

Brake Tip

Our oldest daughter called us at home. “Mom, my brake light is on.” Our 28 year old daughter was calling me from Newport, Florida. . “What do I do?” Now, […]