Car Tip: Check your oil no matter how often you have it changed

Check your oil level on your next refueling. Lately, we have seen some new clients whose oil level is not registering on the dipstick. Even though, they may be following the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals, they are losing oil. Why? Well, after 3,000 miles, oil is quite used up even if it’s a high quality and even if it’s a full synthetic. Engines burn a little oil naturally. It’s not uncommon for cars to burn a quart of oil every 1000 miles. So, imagine if your car has five quarts and you go 5,000 miles between oil changes, you might be two quarts low by the time your bring your car in for the next oil change.

This is very hard on your engine. What happens when your engine is running on less oil than designed? That oil has to work a lot harder and becomes even more contaminated. In the worst cases, oil gets so contaminated, it’s thick and sludgy. The really bad part is that the next time your oil changed, the thick sludge might not even drain out and it will settle in your engine. This makes your pistons and crank and cams and all those engine parts work a lot harder. It makes your cooling system work harder as well. People who drive over their oil change intervals can do permanent damage or shorten the life span of the engine.

So, this is why you should be in the habit of checking your oil when you fill up the tank especially after 3,000 miles. Carry an extra quart of oil with you in your car. It’s important to plan and be prepared. Caring for you car will help extend it’s life.

How often you change your oil is dependent upon a lot of factors and that will be the subject for another day.

We have 100s of customers with over 20Adolf’s Garage,000 miles and going strong. We are perhaps the only repair shop in Houston that makes a personal phone call to remind customers that it may be time to have your oil changed.

We also have solutions so you can have extended oil change intervals safely. That’s our May car tip!