Car Care Awareness Month

Photo courtesy of Brakes for Breasts

It’s a good month to look at car care awareness. As the year comes to a close and the leaves fall from the trees, it’s a time of death and then rebirth. Your car doesn’t possess the natural healing ability of the living. You’ll need a mechanic to stave off decline when problems set in with your vehicle.

One of the vital checks to make this month is the fitness of your brakes. School is back in, kids will be running around, Halloween will have kids running door-to-door in the dark, and as October ends, the holiday season will rush into your life like a freight train. It’s easy to lose track of things and forget to service your brakes, which can lead to accidents.

October is a big month for looking at brakes. We see much more business just before the holidays, as people remember previous experiences skidding on ice and want our input. We’re happy to look over your brakes and give an honest assessment of your needs.

We’re also proud to announce that Liberty Hoepfl is forming a relationship with Cleveland Clinic and Brakes For Breasts, a nonprofit seeking breast cancer treatment funding and the development of a vaccine. October is their big month, and this year, we’re participating!

During the entire month of October, we are giving away FREE quality brake pads or shoes with installation. That’s right– FREE. All you pay for is the labor and any other necessary parts for the installation. And 10% of the labor proceeds will go towards research for the Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Fund. 

Please, help yourself and the greater good by getting your brakes inspected during October and replacing any worn brake pads! Bring your vehicle to Liberty Hoepfl, your one-stop shop, and help us be part of the cure for Breast Cancer in our lifetime! Be sure to schedule service with our helpful auto mechanics team for any issues that need attention. We’re located at 4610 N. Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77018. Liberty Hoepfl Garage: We Keep You Going!



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