Auto Repair in Garden Oaks. Save money with Air Check Texas

Auto repair Garden Oaks

Adolf Hoepfl Garage Helps Garden Oaks Resident

Recently, an elderly Garden Oaks resident visited our shop. She had seen our picture in the St. Rose Catholic Church bulletin and decided to give us a try. Her gas gauge did not read correctly on her Chevrolet pick-up. Our testing and inspection revealed a fuel sending unit that was failing on an intermittent basis. It read “full” when the tank was less than half full. It was not bad enough to turn on her check engine light, but it was making it pretty difficult for her to know how much gas she had in her tank.

Auto Repair Through the Air Check Texas Program

The cost of that auto repair was not in her budget, but we saw that her state inspection expires in October. Our solution?

First, we showed her how to set her Trip A odometer so she knew that when she had driven 300 miles, she needed to fill her tank regardless of how the gas gauge was reading.

Next, we told her how the state has a program called Air Check Texas

that provides up to $600.00 for people with emission repair problems


Within the next couple months, the sending unit will likely fail permanently. At that point, the vehicle computer will set a code and the Check Engine Light will come on. When that happens our Garden Oaks resident can apply for the Air Check Texas program.

That process involves failing the emissions portion of the state inspection and completing an easy application form. The income requirements are surprisingly generous, and most people on a fixed income do qualify. It is required that the vehicle pass on safety and have been registered in one of the eight qualifying counties for the last 12 months.

Garden Oaks Auto Repair Success Story

Our client was very happy with the knowledge that her vehicle is safe to drive and that there will be a way for her repair her truck.