Adolf Hoepfl Renovation Underway!

Architectural Rendering

We are so excited!  For over two years we’ve been planning the renovation of our service bays and now it’s finally begun.  While the original historic two-story building on the site stays, the 5,000 square foot service bays will be replaced with an 8,000 square foot bright red building.  We expect the renovation to take about four months.

What does that mean for you, our friends and customers?  It’s business as usual.  We created a new work area that we are using during the construction.  This same area will be used for repairing large vehicles – for example RVs and trucks – following the renovation. 

We’ll keep you updated on our progress in our blogs and invite you to come by to see our progress.  We also want to give you a good reason to come by – besides the cup of coffee that’s waiting for you – so during our construction look for our special offers posted on our Blog.

You are a large part of our success and we want to thank you for your business, support, and friendship.

Kathryn and Sybren 
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