Brake Tip

Our oldest daughter called us at home. “Mom, my brake light is on.” Our 28 year old daughter was calling me from Newport, Florida. . “What do I do?” Now, my daughter is no dummy. “Pull over, and I’ll tell you how to check the brake fluid.” I explained to her that the brake light […]

Check Your Coolant

One of the keys to getting through a hot Houston summer is finding ways to stay cool. Your car is not any different. On a typical summer day, it is 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the passenger compartment with the doors and windows closed. It is over 250 degrees Fahrenheit under the hood. Ouch! To keep […]

Car Tip: Check your oil no matter how often you have it changed

Check your oil level on your next refueling. Lately, we have seen some new clients whose oil level is not registering on the dipstick. Even though, they may be following the manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals, they are losing oil. Why? Well, after 3,000 miles, oil is quite used up even if it’s a high […]

Record car sales amidst increasing dissatisfaction

For the first time in 15 years, car owners are more dissatisfied with their vehicles. The J.D. Powers Satisfaction survey for new cars shows a 6% increase in problems reported by owners from previous years. Yet after eight years of lackluster performance, new car sales are booming for almost every maker. Are the two things […]

The car is key to our independence

With the 239th anniversary of our declaration of independence just upon us, it’s a fitting occasion to remind everyone about the importance of cars as keys to our independence. In an age where there are groups actively working to eliminate the traditional fuels that run most of our automobiles, I would just like to ask […]