Do preventive maintenance & save money

Remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Even in the 21st century, this is great advice for good preventive maintenance for your car. Here’s why preventive maintenance is worth it. We all know how hot cars can be in the summertime especially in Houston. All moving metal parts […]

Don’t mix up Coolant with Refrigerant!

Taking care of your car means doing different things every season. Just like you spring clean your home, now it’s time to prepare your vehicle for summer. If you want more in depth information, this month we’re hosting a Ladies Car Clinic at our shop in the Garden Oaks/Greater Heights area on Tuesday, April 30th […]

Mom, is my Car Safe to Drive?

Our oldest daughter called this week. “Mom, my brake light is on.” Our 23 year old daughter was calling me from Newport, Florida. She was heading to St. Augustine for a little sight-seeing and was driving a rental car, a Nissan Sentra to be exact. “What do I do?” Now, my daughter is no dummy. […]


One Thing Always Leads to Another

Three years ago, a customer named Lorine came in to have her car worked on, and we started chatting. She told me about a great cafe inside a historic hotel in Blessing, Texas. The hotel was established in 1906 when the town of Blessing was a major train stop. She went on and on about […]


Classic Cars Connect People to People

It’s been too long since I have updated this blog. Life has been so rich and full that finding quiet time to concentrate and reflect has not materialized–or evaporated– before I could set my little self down. I hope that you, happy readers, are also enjoying life in these full summer days. Recently, we held […]