Using Proper Fluids In Your car Or Other Vehicle

This sign has been displayed at our shop since 1952. First Tale. A new customer towed a pick-up truck to our shop and said he believed his water pump had broken. It was a mid-90s Ford. The first thing our technician noticed was that the radiator was full of rust and had no water, and […]

Good News Garage Vol. X #1 – January 2014

<img class="alignleft framed" alt="garagepic_bw" data-cke-saved-src="/wp-content/uploads/blog-pics/garagepic.jpg" src="/wp-content/uploads/blog-pics/garagepic.jpg" "=""> In honor of the 68th anniversary of our business, we are celebrating on MLK day —all day! This year will be the 10th year that the van der Pols have owned the 68 year old shop and we want to begin the year honoring the people who made […]


Good News Garage Vol. X #2 – April 2014

Let’s Bring Easter to our Troops in Afghanistan Our company is gearing up to assemble another care package for a local U.S. Army Reserve unit that was deployed to Afghanistan in January. We had a huge success in putting together a Valentine’s Day Care Package for our troops in February. We purchased over $600 in […]