Adolf Hoepfl Garage has a state of the art alignment machine and we can check your alignment in less than ten minutes. We have been Houston’s alignment shop of choice since 1946. We can align anything from a new car to a classic T-bird and everything in between. Let us be your Houston alignment shop.

Driving over potholes, speed bumps, even hitting a curb while parallel parking are everyday driving situations that can throw our your vehicle’s alignment. A car that is out of alignment will wear out your tires, wear out your wheel bearings or other front-end parts, and even reduce your gas mileage.

Alignments are also suggested after purchasing new tires and when replacing worn out front-end parts. One way that we may differ from some other alignment businesses is that we recommend that we check your alignment before you purchase your new tires, so we see the wear pattern of your old ones. The best way to see what type of tire wear issues you are having is to see the tires just before they are replaced. That way when we do the alignment and you purchase new tires, the new ones will wear evenly.

Free Alignment Check

The process of having an alignment is technologically amazing. We have a Hawk Eye Hunter Alignment machine. It possesses an infrared light that the computer points at the tires and measures the position of the wheel with respect to toe, camber and castor. This first step takes about 5 minutes from the time we drive the car up on the lift until we get the printed report. We will check your alignment for free. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a FREE service. Just request an alignment check the next time you are in for an oil change or state inspection, or any other service.

Experienced North Houston Alignments Shop

If you do need an alignment, our printed report tells the technician what is out of adjustment, and he makes the corrections and does a recheck. That process can take up to an hour. An alignment ideally is done once a year and as for saving wear and tear on your vehicle, the $70.00 price is a good value. Our alignment technician has been performing alignments for more than ten years, and  the owner has been doing alignments for over 35.  We will make sure that your alignment is right and your steering wheel stays straight.